Ushanka Hat
  • Hat Russian Soviet Army Gray KGB * Fur Military Cossack Ushanka * Size S

Hat Russian Soviet Army Gray KGB * Fur Military Cossack Ushanka * Size S



o All hats are shipped with the red star badge (not attached) .This badge can be substituted for an eagle badge at your request. * Badges are pin attachment * To attach, make tiny hole in the middle of front flap, insert pin, and bend it flat against the back of the visor * We include a small free gift with every hat.

o This hat is very warm and made of artificial fur. This material is very strong and durable. The hat has flaps on the side and back that comes down to cover your ears and neck. Such hats were first used by Russian troops during WW2 to help them survive cold Russian winters and they're still used in Russian army today!

o Shipment from Russia (allow 2-4 weeks) * Weight adjusted for actual shipment cost * * Available in 6 sizes: XS-53cm/21in; S -55cm/21.5in; M -57cm/22.5in; L -59cm/23.25in; XL - 61cm/24in; XXL -63cm/25in circumference.

o Open hat shows shape only, not color other photos show frames from Russian movies and different badges which can be attach to the hat (Med and Sm Stars, Combatants, Tank division, Pioneer, VLKSM) - listed on Amazon.

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