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  • Aiyuda Winter Hat with Ear Flaps Windproof Face Mask Trapper Russian

Aiyuda Winter Hat with Ear Flaps Windproof Face Mask Trapper Russian



The windproof mask attaches to the hat with two snap buttons on either side, remove easily and stow away when not in use. The ears and chin are highly sensitive to cold weather, and must be protected from wind and frost, and the Aiyuda Winter trooper hat helps to do just that. With the ear flaps down, chin strap fastened, and face cover snapped on, this cap will heat up a head in a hurry! With full fur inner, more practical for daily use when one is forced to be out and about on frigid winter nights. Very Perfect for Hunters, Trappers or Any Other Winter Outdoor Activities, Like Ski, Snowboard, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, or Suit for Party Gift such as Halloween, Thanksgiving,Christmas, New Year.

Suitable for men and women, teenagers.

100% Polyester Outer Shell and Full Faux Fur Inner Liner, wind and water-resistant shell to keep you warm and dry during cold winters

3 Layers of cotton in the middle part which will strengthen the warmth effectively

Breathable mask with opening mouth part design, mental button make it easy to remove

Very durable for hunters, trappers or any outdoorsmen, also good for sports like cycling, mountaineering, snowboarding, skating and skiing

Comfortable fit, One Size Fits All

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