Authentic Soviet Army Soldier Ushanka Winter Hat.
Unissued Military..." />
Ushanka Hat
  • Authentic Russian Army Ushanka Winter Hat Soviet Soldier

Authentic Russian Army Ushanka Winter Hat Soviet Soldier



Authentic Soviet Army Soldier Ushanka Winter Hat.
Unissued Military Surplus - Manufactured in Soviet Union in mid-late 80s.

This winter hat was made for Soviet soldiers to keep their heads warm even during the coldest days of Siberian winters.
There are three layers of materials to achieve the utmost in warmth for the coolest temps:
The wool top adds extra warmth and acts as water resistant shell. The nature of the woolen fabric is such that it does not absorb moisture: even when it was raining, a Soviet Army soldier's head stayed dry and warm.
Cotton lining is padded with layers of cotton, wool and flax fibers.
Thick and soft 50% wool 50% artificial fur keeps the ears and neck warm.
For your convenience Soviet soldier hat badge will come unattached to the hat.

Sold by eWinterHats.
Quick shipping from our warehouse in Moscow, Russia. Delivery usually takes 8-14 business days to most countries in the world.

How to measure your head and choose the right hat size:
Wrap a measuring tape around head, 1.5 cm (5/8 in.) above eyebrows and ears.
If you don't have a tape measure, use a string and then measure the string.
add 2 cm or 0.8 inch to the measurement
and compare with the size chart.
If in between 2 sizes, go to the larger size.

Hat Size Chart
5421 1/4
5521 5/8
5722 1/2
5822 7/8
5923 1/4
6023 5/8
6224 3/8
6324 3/4
6425 1/4

Authentic: made in Soviet Union, Russian Army soldier ushanka winter hat. Unissued military surplus stock.

This winter hat comes with one free authentic Soviet insignia (unattached to the hat).


Original army hat manufactured on or before 1991, sold by eWinterHats. Shipping from Moscow, Russia.

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