Ushanka Hat
  • ODEMA Unisex Nylon Russian Style Winter Ear Flap Hat

ODEMA Unisex Nylon Russian Style Winter Ear Flap Hat



ODEMA unisex winter ear flap hat keeps the wind off your face and head. The exterior of the hat is soft and the warm faux fur liner covers your ears and forehead. Polyester inner liner for easier cleaning. Chin straps and buttons to fasten earflaps. Versatile design perfect for day to day casual wear, snowboarding or skiing.

100% Polyester Outer Shell and Inner Liner

Best fit for 58-61cm head circumference, one size fits most

Outside Ear Flaps can be Buttoned Up or Down

Earflaps and Front Flap are Lined with Faux Fur

Wears well for hunters, trappers or any outdoorsmen. Also good for sports like snowboarding and skiing.

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