Ushanka Hat
  • Black Faux Fur Trapper Russian Hat with Ear Flaps

Black Faux Fur Trapper Russian Hat with Ear Flaps



Russian Ushanka Style Faux Fur Hat for cold conditions with its fold down ear flaps which can be secured back in place when not required. Fully lined hat with faux fur and soft fleece material inside the cap, keeping you warm. Great warm winter hat for colder weather makes it ideal for cold weather hiking or even walking the dog. The trapper hat has ear flaps which can be secured up or down meaning you'll not lose it even in a high wind. High quality black faux fur hat that looks great and performs as it should.

Fully Fleece lined hat

Faux Fur Hat lined ear flaps to keep your ears toasty warm

Hats ear flaps can be secured in place up or down


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